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Legacy Pecans

Virgin Pecan Oil by Legacy Pecans

$ 6.99 USD

Legacy Pecans are great not only for eating but for cooking with as well. We take our New Mexico sun-soaked pecans and press them to extract a healthy 100% natural virgin pecan oil. It is low in saturated fat — lower than olive oil, walnut oil, and grapeseed oil.

Pecan oil is great for cooking with a heat point of 470 degrees, which allows for sauteeing or stir-frying without burning. With a delicate buttery flavor, pecan oil will take on the taste of the spices being cooked with it.

Our pecan oil can also be used to make a vinaigrette dressing, a dip for bread, and as a substitute for wherever butter is used. Choose from a 100ml or 500 ml bottle.