Pecans 101

Pecans 101

Pecans 101

The pecan is the only native and one of the most prolific nuts in American history. First found around the Mississippi River valley, the pecan was quickly favored by the first american settlers which moved west as they did, and was introduced to the Mesilla Valley in the early 1800's.

After years of cultivation this time of year becomes known as Harvest. When the leaves start to change color so do the pecan nut shells, that are just begging to be cracked.

---Click here for The NMmagazine full history of the Mesilla valley ---

During the early days of the Mesilla Valley orchards, many farmers would plant pecan trees in large cotton fields to nurture them to maturity while the cotton could be sold and still make a profit for the crop. From it's beginnings, the pecan was meant to be shared and enjoyed alongside other crops and practices.  

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Here at Legacy, the pecans are "grown by our family to be enjoyed by yours", Happy Holidays!

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