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  • Our 2020 Holiday Gift Box Collection is Here!

    Oct 29 2020

    While a great deal has changed this year, one thing remains the same, and that’s giving. In these challenging times, the giving nature an...

  • Happy Father's Day from Legacy Pecans, 2018!

    Jun 17 2018

    Today we celebrate all Dads!!! Dads have a special place in our hearts, as they are a son’s first hero and a daughter’s first love. Dads ...

  • My Dad, Mark David Salopek

    Jun 15 2018

    Today we celebrate My Dad, Mark David Salopek   This is by far the most difficult blog to write, so bear with me, my sweet friends. Rem...

  • Founding Fathers, Tony Salopek

    Jun 14 2018

    Today we celebrate my grandfather, Tony  Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to meet Grandpa Tony before he passed, so everything I h...

  • Vide Salopek

    Jun 13 2018

    Today we celebrate my great grandfather, Vide Salopek. In 1923 my great grandfather came to America in hopes of achieving the American ...