Our 2020 Holiday Gift Box Collection is Here!

Our 2020 Holiday Gift Box Collection is Here!

Our 2020 Holiday Gift Box Collection is Here!

While a great deal has changed this year, one thing remains the same, and that’s giving. In these challenging times, the giving nature and kindness of others has been even more present—we’ve certainly felt it here in the store, as neighbors and friends have rallied around to support one another. 

We love the holiday season because it further encompasses that spirit by lifting our morale with hope. This year’s Legacy Pecans Holiday Collection was created with that hope in mind, as a way to help people reach the hearts of all those they can’t visit in person right now, as a way to say “I’m nuts about you!”

What does Legacy Pecan’s Holiday Collection Contain?

We have created 10 unique holiday gift boxes available for purchase in-store and here on our website. Prices range from $12-$85, and each box features local New Mexico-grown pecans from the Salopek family farm. Custom box orders are also available by request, as are corporate gifts. Here are a just a few of the holiday gift boxes we have to offer:

Legacy Sampler ($20)—This simple gift box features four 4-oz bags of our best-selling flavored pecans: Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, Cinnamon, and Roasted Salted. 

Taste of New Mexico ($50)—Give a gift featuring flavors of The Land of Enchantment, including 1 pound of fresh pecans, as well as New Mexico Piñon Coffee and local favorite Fresh Chile Company’s red chile sauce, posole, and hominy.

Legacy Best Seller ($85)—All of the store’s top products in a single box, including 1 pound of pecan pieces, 2 cans of Pecan Brittle, Vanilla Pecan Coffee, Cinnamon Pecan Coffee, and 8-oz Milk Chocolate Pecans. 

Legacy Pecans is a New Mexico Tradition

Legacy Pecans delights in providing authentic, quality, and upscale farm to table products and is proudly built on tradition—there’s nothing we love more than helping others start and sustain traditions of their own, whether it is with family members, friends, or co-workers. Our goal is to tell a story with each product sold, and help you create a lasting memory. 

As a business owner, I am especially passionate about helping create special moments for family and friends through this difficult holiday season. My hope is that with each Legacy Pecans gift you purchase, a story is told, a bond is made, a tradition is started or simply that a moment is shared with family and friends enjoying a taste of New Mexico. As my dad always said, “Our orchards are your orchards.” So whether you are giving our pecans as a unique gift from New Mexico or simply enjoying a heart-healthy snack for yourself, know I, and our team, appreciate the opportunity to share our labor of love with you.

My hope is that, despite all we’ve experienced this year, that  this holiday season is filled with nothing but family, good health, and joy. 

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